Titus5D_017I live in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon with my husband, Eric. We also have two dogs (Baylee and Kona) and a cat (Cynder).

I work as an Instructional Designer and Sr. Training Consultant for Kasier Permanente. I love my job and the opportunities I have. It’s great to work with such wonderful people and push the boundaries of learning and training. I enjoy learning and how to include rich media, social bookmarking, blogs, wiki’s and more in training interventions.

For many years I used to have several blogs, each one representing some aspect of my life, or hobbies. (I like to scrapbook, cook, sew, knit, and create websites for people.) After trying to manage them all I came to the realization that my life is a cornucopia of my hobbies, my activities, my work, and everything in between so why shouldn’t my blog be that to.

This blog represents me. Sometimes you’ll see a post about a recipe I made, other times a story about an adventure I took, or a weekend I had, and other times something related to the work I do. You’ll probably see poor grammar and maybe even a spelling error or two. I have to say that when I blog, for me, it’s about getting out the idea and sharing rather than writing the “perfect” piece. I hope you enjoy my blog and it’s informality.